Kasuikyo Meal

Enjoy the seasonal produces, including Matsutake mushroom and spring bamboo shoots. And you will also find the pleasure of eating seafood unloaded at Hashitate port such as snow crab which is Hokuriku specialities.

Fresh fish and shellfish Fresh fish and shellfish Fresh fish and shellfish Fresh fish and shellfish Fresh fish and shellfish
The head chef Seichi Tohtomi

Creative Kaga cuisine using an abundance of fresh Hokuriku ingredients in perfect harmony with cheffs works.

Kaga, Hokuriku is rich in ingredients. Fresh seafoods such as snow crab and deep-water shrimp, but also locally-produced vegetables.
The Master Chef, Naoto Miura

Seasonal course cuisine, Kaiseki of gAshibeh

Shunsen Meal

Kaiseki using fresh seafood and mountain produces.

Jyosen Meal

Kaiseki with good balance of seasonal ingredients and color.

Tokusen Meal

High quality Kaiseki using good and fresh seafood unloaded at Hashitate port and mountain produces with rich flavor.

Ginsen Meal

The highest quality Kaiseki with carefully selected ingredients by master chef in traditional method of cooking.

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Break fast

Japanese and Western styled buffet.
i¦There may be a possibility to serve breakfast in a traditional Japanese breakfast menu depending on the day.j

All you can eat All you can eat boiled dish Breakfast A grilled fish